5th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution: #TheRevolutionContinues!

Protest outside the Russian embassy in Stockholm on 14 February 2015. Stop the bombing of Aleppo!
Protest outside the Russian embassy in Stockholm on 14 February 2015. Stop the bombing of Aleppo!

During the last weekend, a lot of rallies against Assad in Syria. Also mobilizations against the Nusra front, those who attempted hijack the Syrian revolution. Last Saturday Kurds in Qamichli were chanting for the overthrow of the Assad regime in memory of the martyrs of the Kurdish Intifada 2004. Also rallies against Assad in Paris, London and Helsinki last weekend. And tomorrow, March 15, on the fifth anniversary day of the Syrian revolution we will show our solidarity with the Syrian people in Stockholm and GothenburgThe revolution continues!

On March 15 in Stockholm

On March 15 in Gothenburg

March 12 in London

March 12 in Paris

March 13 Helsinki

The revolution continues in Syria!

A two-week old truce in Syria is just barely holding. In the coming days and weeks, it should become clearer whether this “cessation of hostilities”, brokered by the US and Russia, has any chance of lasting, and what hopes may still lie ahead for diplomacy to produce a negotiated settlement including a political transition. Yet while those crucial questions remain unanswered, there has been one striking, yet little noticed, development: Syrians have made use of the truce to come out on the streets to demonstrate in many localities, demanding the ouster of Bashar al-Assad.

Videos from some of all Syrian rallies against Assad last friday

Thanks to Kenan Rahmani who has published a lot of pictures and videos from Syria.




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