Worldwide Red Protest in Sweden: #AleppoIsBurning

Action has been taken at least in sex cities in Sweden during the worldwide red protest: Aleppo is Burning. Rallies were carried out at Stockholm, Gothenburg (Göteborg), Malmö and Motala on International Workers Day of May Day. In Eskilstuna flyers were delivered. On May 2 high school students in Trollhättan staged a rally against the war. On May 4 a rally will be held in Hyltebruk. #AleppoIsBurning #SaveAleppo #FreeSyria

Wordwide red protest on the International Workers' Day of May Day‬ in ‪‎Stockholm‬: ‪#‎AleppoIsBurning‬ ‪#‎SaveAleppo‬! ‪#‎FreeSyria‬!
Wordwide red protest on the International Workers’ Day of May Day‬ in ‪‎Stockholm‬: ‪#‎AleppoIsBurning‬ ‪#‎SaveAleppo‬! ‪#‎FreeSyria‬!


From every corner of the planet, we are marching to save the city of Aleppo. Its civilians, rescue workers and doctors are being killed by the dozens in the regime’s fierce airstrikes. Join us and let’s protest in every country of the world

Borås: April 30

Stockholm: May 1

Gathering point at Medborgarplatsen

On the way, marching from Medborgarplatsen to the Royal Garden (Swedish: Kungsträdgården)

Marching into the Royal Garden (Swedish: Kungsträdgården)

Gothenburg: May 1

Malmö: May 1

Motala: May 1

Trollhättan: May 2

High school students in Trollhättan demonstrated against the war in Syria and the silence of the outside world, withth banners such as Aleppo is burning and Save Aleppo.

Hyltebruk: May 4

Hyltebruk is a small town with less than four thousand inhabitants.


Eskilstuna: May 5


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