Syria 24h: January 1, 2017

Many ceasefire violations reported. Russian airstrikes on the town of Meznaz in rural Aleppo this morning. New airstrikes on Wadi Barada reported this afternoon… UN demands access for aid delivery to 15 besieged areas, but Assad regime blocks. 

Facebook cover photo: We took a #StandWithAleppo, now is the time to #SaveWadiBarada Civilians are at risk. Please help!
Facebook cover photo: We took a #StandWithAleppo, now is the time to #SaveWadiBarada Civilians are at risk. Please help!

Enforce the Ceasefire in Wadi Barada, Syria

On December 31, 2016 a sniper from the Hezbollah army shot and killed a child in his own home in the valley of Wadi Barada, Syria. This was the same day that the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously in favor of the ceasefire agreement signed by Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, Russian president Vladimir Putin, and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, welcoming the efforts to end the war in Syria.

Unfortunately, there has been no peace for the people living in the valley of Wadi Barada. Many innocent men, women, and children are being injured and killed every day from Assad’s ceasefire violations.

Wadi Barada is a rebel-protected area in the northwestern countryside of Damascus. Despite signing the ceasefire agreement, President Bashar al-Assad and his Iranian-backed troops Hezbollah once again began their repeated attempts to enter the villages in the Wadi Barada valley through repeated bombings, shelling, missiles, and sniper fire, not giving a second thought to the innocent lives he and his army have taken.

Trapped with no food or electricity in freezing temperatures, a few civilians have posted cries for help on social media to the international community. They tell us that without any food or heat they will soon die. Shortly thereafter, Assad effectively cut off all communication to and from the Wadi Barada area.

He’s trying to silence their cries for help before anyone can even hear them. Both the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah have warned of the ”massacre” that they will incur if they succeed in entering the valley.

The residents of Wadi Barada have no affiliations whatsoever to terrorists and do not share the Daesh or Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham ideologies. They’re only asking us to enforce the ceasefire they were promised, as well as allow international organizations like the International Red Cross and United Nations into the area to give the residents access to the most basic human rights, such as food and medicine.

Please help save the lives of 100,000 civilians living in the Wadi Barada area by signing this petition and demanding that the international community enforce the ceasefire agreement, as well as allow international aid into the community to provide the residents of Wadi Barada with food and medicine. Your signature could help save thousands of lives.

NGOs in Wadi Barada Signal Alarm as Regime & Allies Mass Troops to Attack the Area

Civic institutions and NGOs in Wadi Barada valley northwest of Damascus appealed to the international community and the United Nations to take urgent action to save the lives of over 100,000 civilians trapped in the area.
In a statement released on Saturday, the civic institutions and NGOs in Wadi Barada valley warned against the possibility of massacres against civilians should regime forces and their allied Iranian-backed militias storm the area which has been subjected to constant aerial and artillery bombardment in recent days.
Local activists said that the Assad regime and its allied foreign militias are massing troops near the village of Ashrafiya on the outskirts of the valley in preparation for a large-scale ground attack on the rebel-held of villages of the valley. The regime build-up comes with intense bombardment by heavy artillery and barrel bombs despite the Russian-Turkish brokered ceasefire which took effect on Thursday.
Two barrel bombs and four airstrikes by regime jets hit the valley in the early hours of Saturday, while regime forces and the Hezbollah militia continue to pound the area with heavy artillery. The bombardment has caused complete power outage since it began last week, further increasing the suffering of civilians trapped inside the area. Regime forces have also been blocking the entry of food and medical supplies to the area for over a week.
The statement said that nearly five million people in Damascus and its countryside are facing a threat of water being cut off after regime jets bombed Ayn Alfija water pumping station, putting it out of service. The civic institutions and NGOs said they were ready to allow maintenance teams into the area to repair the facility once the regime bombardment stopped.

UN demands access for aid delivery, Assad regime blocks

The United Nations humanitarian aid chief Stephen O’Brien said he urged the Assad regime to give access to the UN to deliver aid to thousands in need of help in Syria.

In an interview with the Associated Press on Friday, O’Brien called the ceasefire “extremely welcome”. He added that the UN contacted the Assad regime for access to areas in need, but there has been no positive response.

UN Syria Special Advisor Jan Egeland said that the UN wants to provide aid to 15 besieged areas, but it needs to guarantee the safety of aid delivery operations, according to AP.


Civil March for Aleppo under hård kritik

Fredsmarsch för Aleppo är under hård kritik efter att ha nekat deltagare att gå med den syriska frihetsflaggan. Civil March for Aleppo kräver ett stopp på kriget och bombningarna och ett upphävande av belägringarna i Syrien, men de tar inte någon parts sida i kriget, utan säger sig ”bara” försvara de civila. Frågan är om de ändå kan ses som en proggesiv kraft?

March from Berlin to Aleppo on 26 December (Courtesy of Civil March for Aleppo Facebook page)
March from Berlin to Aleppo on 26 December (Courtesy of Civil March for Aleppo Facebook page)

Att aktivt kräva ett stopp på kriget i Syrien, ett stopp på bombningarna av städer och civila och att belägringarna ska upphävas kan inte ses på annat sätt än att det är proggesiva krav. Kraven går stick stäv mot Assadregimens taktik att svälta ut och bomba civila och infrastruktur såsom sjukhus för att tvinga fram underkastelse. Kraven är proggesiva även om man inte tar ställning för någon part i kriget och ”bara” försvarar civila, och även om man inte viftar med den syriska frihetsflaggan.

Den 26 december startade ”Civil March for Aleppo” sin ca 3,5 månaders långa fredsmarsch från Berlin till Aleppo.

The plan is the UN and all other institutions or entities that can stop the massacre of Syrian civilians hear us before we stand on the border. We do not want any additional suffering or victims.
It is not about us knowing the solutions. It is about involving people to create these solutions.

Deltagarna marscherar med vita flaggor.

We’re carrying these white flags to let the whole world know our message: Enough is enough. This war has to stop!

Att marschen slutmål skulle vara Aleppo bestämdes då östra Aleppo var en belägrad stad.

Aleppo has become Syria’s fiercest battleground. Bombs are dropping and the siege cut off the citizens of Aleppo from receiving food, sufficient medical assistance or any other form of help. Aleppo is the symbol of the biggest humanitarian crisis we are facing.

We will not tolerate the siege of Aleppo anymore.

Men innan marschen startade så tvingades östra Aleppo att ge upp, efter belägring och bombardemang följt av en markoffensiv. På fredsmarschen twitterkonto meddelades följande:

It’s still the March of solidarity, with victims of the war, with civilians in other besieged cities, with refugees.

De kräver ett stopp på kriget i Syrien, ett stopp på bombningarna mot städer och civila och och att belägringarna ska upphävas.

We only want the end of bombing against civilians in Aleppo and other towns in Syria and open humanitarian corridors so that help can get to the people in need.

Fredsmarschen tar dock inte ställning för någon sida i kriget i Syrien.

The Syrian war is complex and complicated. The justice needs to be brought to the people of Syria but we should let the courts and tribunals decide on who is guilty of which crimes. What is important right now is to stop the massacre and bombings of innocent people and crucial infrastructure like hospitals.

Jag har mycket svårt att förstå den hårda kritiken som riktas mot ”Civil March for Aleppo”. Detta även om jag själv försvarar den syriska revolutionen, de fredliga protesterna som bemöttes med kulor och fängslanden, den fria syriska arméns (FSA) väpnade försvar och ger Assadregimen dess fulla ansvaret för att ha startat ett krig mot befolkningen i Syrien och även bär ansvaret för att kriget har utvecklats till ett sekteristiskt krig där all fakta talar sitt eget språk, att Assadregimen och dess allierade är skyldiga till de absolut, absolut flesta fängsladen, försvinnanden, civila dödsfall, belägringar, folkfördrivningarna och krigsbrotten.

Givitvis kan man föra fram kamratlig kritik och framför allt bör man ha en kamratlig dialog med fredsmarschen. Men för tillfället liknar det närmast ett drev från flera som säger sig försvara den syriska revolutionen som även driver bojkottskampanjer mot fredsmarschen.

Men kritiken mot fredsmarschen startade först efter att ledningen för gruppen inte tillät några deltagare i marschen att gå med de syriska frihetsflaggorna. Detta borde dock ha varit bekant för deltagarna redan innan marschen.

Sedan har kritiken blivit mycket hårdare, där man även har uppmanat till bojkott av fredsmarschen.

Civil March for Aleppo svarar kritiken.

Citaten ovanför kommer från hemsidan för ”Civil March for Aleppo” under avdelningarna Manifesto och FAQ.

Läs mer om Civil March for Aleppo:

Kritik mot Civil March for Aleppo:
Colonial behaviour on the ”Civil March For Aleppo”:

Södertälje and Sweden #StandWithAleppo!

#StandWithAleppo rallies all over the world last weekend, including Sweden.

Södertälje, Sweden, December 3: #StandWithAleppo Candlelight Rally for Aleppo.
Södertälje, Sweden, December 3: #StandWithAleppo Candlelight Rally for Aleppo.

On Saturday, December 3, the third #StandWithAleppo Candlelight rally for Aleppo was hold in Söderälje. We were also presence at the #StandWithAleppo Twitter Rally last Sunday. #StandWithAleppo rallies were also hold in Stockholm and Gothenburg last Saturday .

See you next Saturday, December 10, 3PM in Södertälje.

December 3: Candlelight Rally in Södertälje

December 3: Stockholm

December 3: Gothenburg

December 4: Twitter Rally

Södertälje #StandWithAleppo!

On November 26, the second candlelight rally was performed in the Swedish city of Södertälje, in support of the besieged Aleppo and other Syrians living under siege and terror bombings.

November 26: #StandWithAleppo Candlelight Rally

Södertälje, Sweden, November 26: #StandWithAleppo Candlelight Rally
Södertälje, Sweden, November 26: #StandWithAleppo Candlelight Rally

Södertälje, Sweden, November 26, 2016, Candlelight Rally for Aleppo and Syria: #StandWithAleppo

Speech by Mari Eli Ahumada, the Left Party (Swedish: Vänsterpartiet) Södertälje.

November 27:#StandWithAleppo Twitter Rally

Photos of the candlelight Rally uploaded during the Twitter Rally.

Video: Bana Alabed checking in the morning after a night of bombing   

Bana Alabed, sju år gammal twittrar från den belägrade delen av Aleppo.

Bana Alabed: #StandWithAleppo, Please stop the bombing and end the siege.
Bana Alabed: #StandWithAleppo, Please stop the bombing and end the siege.


Tweets of Bana, 7 years old, Aleppo

Tweeted by Bana Alabed, @AlabedBana, September 26, 2016: Good afternoon from #Aleppo I’m reading to forget the war.

Tweets of Bana Alabed @AlabedBana

Hi I’m Bana I’m 7 years old girl. I and my mom are tweeting live from East Aleppo. Account managed by mom.

Protest against Putin’s visit in Berlin

October 19, 2016: Syrians, Ukrainians, Chechens protesting Putin’s visit in Berlin

Teddy bears for Putin:

Dozens of ”blood-smeared” teddy bears were left outside the Reichstag building to remind Putin about atrocities in Syria prior to the Normandy Four meeting in Berlin.

October 19, 2016: Syrians, Ukrainians, Chechens protesting Putin's visit in Berlin. Photo: Protest SPb on Twitter, @ProtestSPb
October 19, 2016: Syrians, Ukrainians, Chechens protesting Putin’s visit in Berlin. Photo: Protest SPb on Twitter, @ProtestSPb